CEASE Boston in the News

CEASE Boston team members Audrey Morrissey, (My Life My Choice Associate Director and sex trade survivor,) and Sgt. Donna Gavin, (head of the Boston Police Human Trafficking Unit,) join New England Cable News’s Kelly Bates to discuss why the myth of prostitution as a “victimless” crime is so damaging.

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WBUR’s Bob Oakes speaks with Tom Perez, CEASE Portland coordinator and founder of the EPIK Project, about how he disrupts online sex-buying at the source—and how he’s bringing his model to Boston. Learn more and listen to the interview »

Survivor voices are being heard in Boston! Boston Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham interviewed two survivor leaders on the subject of how prostitution’s online migration has made the practice even more dangerous.

“Behind those online classifieds are legions of women and girls— alone in hotel rooms visited by 10 or more johns a day. Those buyers once had to risk being seen in the act of solicitation but now find prostitutes with a few clicks of a mouse in the privacy of their own homes. Pimps park women in these hotel rooms, sometimes in cities they don’t know, without friends or money or cars or cellphones. Every knock on the door brings somebody who might hurt them.”

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